Play kitchens


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Has anyone seen a nice little play kitchen that isn't terribly expensive? I'm so used to the ones I've seen in America (little tykes,etc..) that the ones in Toys r Us just don't seem very nice for the price but any other's I've seen are quite expensive (like thousands.) Has anyone seen Little Tykes or know of a place that will ship them?

Okay... now that I've rambled. Can someone suggest anything? Thanks!
the best suggestion I can make is to keep an eye on the classisfieds on AisaExpat. Have seen a couple come up over the last month or so. They are secondhand but cheap compared to ToysRus or Bumps2Babes....
i already did a research & they don't ship toHK. i finally found the distributor of Step 2 of China & emailed them. i did manage to buy a very nice kitchen (the Custom Kitchen) for HK$1500, although sold in US for about HK$900.
Am looking for one for my daughter's 2nd birthday. Joanne can you send details of where to get the one you did? Do you have a photo or is there a website I can visit?Many thanks
I bought one from Chicco for $700. It's small but my kids love it and it fits nicely into our small apartment.

You may find a reasonable one at the Italian Women's Bazaar. They sell a lot of surplus Chicco toys at a fraction of the price.
It's held the first Sat in December at the Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital in Sandy Bay.
finally bit the bullet and found one for $600 at Toys Club and my daughter LOVES it. They have a choice of 4 kitchens and I think the cheapest one was $390, figure I can sell it second hand when she grows out of it. These prices seem a lot more reasonable than the ones other people on this thread have been talking about. I think the Italian Bazaar is held at the Sandy bay Children's Hospital on 1 Dec? In any case, it is a fun fair to go to.........