PIPS in Kowloon and Sham Tseng


Hi mamas,

I am thinking to send my 15 month old mixed boy to PIPS at Kowloon or Sham Tseng. The thing is I still don't know if I should send him to the local stream or the international stream.

Any mamas has experience with PIPS at Kowloon or Sham Tseng?

Hi Anita,
My daughter is currently 20mths so i'm also looking at kindergartens for K1 and considering PIPS at Kowloon Station. I suggest you read PIPS FAQs. there's about 20 questions with answers. Some of those FAQs will answer your question.
Anita, I expect it depends on whether you want your child to go to a local or international school. Why don't you arrange a school tour and ask questions about what class is most appropriate? At 15 months, your son would only be eligible for playgroup at this stage.