Photo shoot protocol- help needed


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Wondered if anyone could son has had a few modeling jobs in the past, all of which have gone fine. We went, they took the photos, we left- no problems.

However we went for a shoot yesterday, for toys. Initially my son was quite interested, hr played with the toys, they took some photos. However they couldn't quite get the photos they wanted.

After about 45 minutes my son decided he had had enough of the toys and refused to play with them anymore. The photographer then decided he wasn't going to get the shot and we left, an hour earlier than intended.

Now the agency who arranged the shoot has said the client doesn't want to pay for the hour we were there because they didn't get the photos they wanted.

Is this normal? My initial response was, ' no way,' we went, we tried, we were there for an hour, and so they owe us for that. But is there an unspoken rule that if the kids don't produce the photos they don't get paid?

Anyone know? Thks.
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Do u have any kind of contract with the agency ? if not then I dont think u can do much. But u can probably learn from this experience and next time make sure u have things in writing.
The agency should have had the client sign an agreement prior to the booking that would deem them liable to pay for an agreed time period, usually a two-hour minimum.