Phonics & Conversation teacher needed!


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English Adventures(Home) is a small playgroup & tutorial centre located 10 minutes(walking...if you take a taxi, 2 minutes) from Tsing Yi MTR station. We have been open for 2 years and have a loyal group of students and parents.

All material for phonics is provided. The conversation class is taught using arts & crafts as a catalyst for teaching language skills, so some artistic ability and creativity is needed.

1) MUST be native-English speaker
2) MUST be legally able to work in HK (cannot sponsor a visa)
3) MUST be willing to work 4-7ish Monday-Friday
4) MUST have experience working with children
5) MUST have a sense of fun & excitement!!!
6) MUST be able to inspire children to speak a new language

If you are interested, please contact me on [email protected].
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