pediatrician in Adventist


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hello, can anyone recommend a good pediatrician in adventist hospital? there is someone called dr. gregory wai and dr. kenneth lau.....any baby is not too well and i want to go there today so HURRY and send me your replies!!!
we see dr. paul leung in central but he is not the in-house pediatrician at adventist

he is very professional and both my husband and I are satisfied with him. the only down side is that you hav wat for some time (45 mins) even with an appointment
we see dr kenneth lau. i am very happy with him, he is great with my 4 months old baby, very calm and professional. he takes his time to answer all your questions.
i can highly recommend him.
good luck, hope your baby gets well soon
tahnks for yr quick replies ninaa and babyc.....dr. kenneth was not avialable today so i saw a GP -dr. maria who confirmed his ear infection.....he is on anti biotics now....thanks again,
but for the future i think i will go to dr. lau...hope everyone has had good experiences with him,.