Orthotics for Children


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Over the summer months we noticed our 3.5 year old daugher's ankles turning inward (especially her left one). We brought her to a orthopedic doctor who referred to her condition as "valgus heel" (more or less a week inverted ankle) and recommended orthotic inserts to be made for her feet. Had her fitted and finally picked them up yesterday. She is not a happy camper at all as they are a bit uncomfortable at the moment - as they are more or less pushing/aligning her ankle in a different direction than she is natural for her at the moment. The doctor assured us that this is a quite common condition and that in 3-4 years - with the use of the inserts - it should correct itself. Wondering if anyone else out there has experience with this to share. Any advice is most welcome and suggestions welcome on children's shoe stores. Have tried Footstop but did not have her size available in the shoes she wanted - will try again next week as new stock is coming in. My daughter has become a big flip flop, sport sandal, croc kind of gal since moving to HK 6 months ago so a proper shoe in itself is causing some problem for her as well as the discomfort from the insert. Appreciate all feeback.
This is no help at all to you but I have great sympathy for your daughter. I started wearing insets because of pain in my heels. The doctor said I wasn?t walking correctly! She recommended that I get use to them slowly, two hours the first day, three the next, four the next, etc. and still I found that I got pains all over my legs during the first week of wearing them.
my son has the inserts. My son had inserts when he was 3 and now he is nearly 4. He has adjusted well and it does not bother him.

We need to have a shoe that is rigid and has ankle support. Boots are great but that makes it diffcult and uncomfortable in summer. My husband (who has flat feett) bends the soles and twists the end of the shoes in opposite directions. It the shoe is not able to twist much then they are perfect. We did this test for sneakers, boots, leather sandals.

We also got a pair of Crocs and put the inserts and velcro grips in them. These are worn inside at home otherwise my son would just go bare footed which is very bad for his feet. When we do a short walk outside the crocs can be worn...better than no inserts I say. Then as your child is more comfortable with the inserts then transfer them to a pair of shoes. It will be easier as the weather cools down.

I hope this helps.