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We are new to HK and not sure where to buy things we need. I am wondering if there are big online stores in HK, something like Amazon, Target or Walmart that has pretty much everything. Please advice a few. Thanks!
ummm... in a single word, "no"

there is no "get it all in one place" here, neither in cyberworld or in real life walk down the street world.


what kind of things are you looking for, i'm sure that between all of us here, we'll be able to send you in the right direction.

PS> there are no walmarts or targets here either. although there are walmarts & sam's club in shenzhen, the food selection is chinese, not western. so, unless you want to buy fresh crocodile meat (i am not kidding) there's not much point in making a trip over the border either.
of course, sorry rani... i was meaning there is no site for buying all of your grocery needs, your personal needs, gifts, clothes, cds, books etc in one place
Thanks guys! I was so used to shop online in the States, or at least do the research online before I purchase if I was not sure where to find the merchandise. It's just so convenient and flexible. I now appreciate how transparent and competitive the marekt is in the States. Great for the consumers.

I was hoping there are some kind of store in HK that are similar to Target or Walmart that has pretty much everything, household stuff, electronics, toys, clothes... A little frustrated and dissapointed that there isn't one like that in HK. I was looking for the swimming arm band for my son. If I were still in the States, I would head to Target without a thought. Here I had to ask half a dozen people and finally found it in a local store near where I live. Also I noticed the selection are not as many as in the States. For example, I was also looking for a bicycle for my son at, but only found one online. I know the toysrus in the States must have hundreds of different bicycles for you to chose from. Oh well.

Thanks again everyone!
lifestyles here are vastly different to "back home". my suggestion is you try to stop comparing it and look at it all as an adventure here, otherwise, you are going to hate your time here.

almost everything is available here, but you just need to look for it and be prepared to pay for it.

toys'r'us have about 20 different bikes for kids if you go into the shop.

many local kids don't get a bike, there is not enough room in their home to store one. my hubby is local, he grew up with his brother, parents and an uncle all living in 250'. there is no way they would have had space for a bike. it's not a necessity in hk, it's a luxury.
Here's a few stores in HK you can check out.

Bumps to babes:
Pedder Building Branch
5th Floor Pedder Building
12 Pedder Street
Hong Kong
tel: +852 2522 7112

Eugene Club Centre:
Central Shop
4/F, Lane Crawford House, 70 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

Room AC-2, 4/F Administration Building
HK Cultural Center, Tsimshatsui

Prince’s Building
303, Prince’s Building, Central, HK.
Tel: 2523 5704 10am-7:30pm
also in
Lee Gardens
304-307, 3/F, Lee Gardens Two, Causeway Bay, HK.
Tel: 2504 1088 11am-9pm
Hi Welcome to Hong Kong,

If there is Park 'n' shop Plaza or Wellcome Plaza, you can basically get most of your stuff on your list. Park 'n' shop does have their online shopping site as well (not sure about Wellcome).

Coz you are new here, so you need some time to get used to the lifestyle here in Hong Kong. Here in Hong Kong, you don't need to drive to shop for your grocery, just go downstairs, and you can get your stuff right away. Given the time, you will love this city.

Happy exploring.
When the kids were younger, I used ParknShop online all the time especially with all heavy stuff like milk powder, nappies etc. It was really easy to do and very convenient.
The only thing is, you cannot but fresh meat.
Hi there Princeton Mom,

May I ask whereabouts are you living in the city? It will be easier to direct you to specific outlets that way.

As several ladies have suggested--if you prefer to shop online for groceries, I have found that Park n' Shop (website above) online is a nice way to buy things.

You can schedule your delivery time (but you may have to wait around for a few hours because the delivery times are blocked into 3-4 sections and the exact time can be variable) and if you buy $500 HKD or more the delivery is free.

One note, if you buy a lot at one time, as a courtesy, it's good to separate your orders into $500 sections. Park n' Shop contracts with individual drivers who use their vans to deliver groceries. The van drivers get paid per order.

So, if you buy $2000 HKD worth of groceries and put it all on one tab, they get a set fee (about $30 HKD) for that delivery. Whereas, if you split the tab into four sections of $500 each, they get paid $120 HKD for the delivery.

It is a huge favor to these small contractors and makes them even more helpful toward you. If you just make sure the delivery time, date and place are all the same on each order, there is never any mixup.

I know what you mean about the variety and selection being different here in HK. And yes, I certainly miss the one-stop shopping. But, over time, I've come to look at shopping as sort of a game here in HK--sometimes you really do need to seek out a place to buy things from. Sometimes it really feels like a hassle, though and I think most women here feel that way too. But, this is a really good resource (Geobaby) for finding information so don't be shy to ask.

About bicycles. Yes, I would say that depending on where you live in HK, a lot of children don't have their own bike. However, out where we live, even the poorest local children, living in the smallest flats at least have one communal bike to share between them.

There will be so many adjustments to make while living here and hopefully you'll find some friendly ladies here to guide you along the way--as I said, don't be shy. ;)
Thank you all for your input! Also many thanks to this wonderful website and forum! I really appreciated. 1st few days here were hectic. It will get better.

The Fisher Price baby monitor we had for 4 years got burned down on the 1st night here because we forgot the power voltage difference. Any suggestions where to get one?

Hi Princetonmom...first off welcome to HK. You must be from NJ like us.
Anyway...for the baby monitor you can get one in Bumps to Babes, Toys r us, and Wing on department store. I bought one from the States but we have a transformer. For online shopping, like you I love shopping online like in the States, so I don't know if you want to try buying from Amazon or Walmart but the shipping can be expensive.
Wishing you all the luck as you get settled here in HK. Let me know if you have more questions and perhaps I can help.

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Thanks all the moms, for the warm welcome and pointing me to the right direction. A few store names you mentioned above are very helpful. I should be able to google them and find out where they are. Hopefully they all have a website so I can find out what they have before I go to the store.

Many thanks again!!!
most shops in hk have a very basic website. most don't have online catalogues. they expect you to go into the shop. shopping in hk is the national pastime! most here live in tiny flats and locals do whatever they can to get out of the house.

funny thing, whenever i told locals my holiday destinations they're response always was "oh..... great shopping" or the opposite.
There is a US size Toys R Us in Ocean Terminal- jsut across the harbor and there is a store called Spotlight in Megabox that is a mix of Bed Bath and Beyond and Michaels. They have pretty good prices.