My Son Does Strange Things


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I would like to apologize for this post to begin with but I am very embarrased and concerned about my son's recent behavior. I have, on many occassion, found him pumping his private area against his stuffed animals, the stairs, and many other things. He has not, to my knowledge, seen such behavior on television or anything. I am concerned because the man that he considers to be his father had a very deep bond with him that I could never understand. Is this usually sexually explicit behavior normal in toddlers or do I have a reason to worry about my son's past with this man (who, by the way, I no longer let see my son as he recently threatened my life). Thank you for any help that you may provide.
you don't say how old your son is....

but, you could ask him why he's ding that... not in a bad whay, but in an innocent way.
if he thinks that he's doing something bad and he'll get into trouble, he may not answer you.

you could then ask him where he learned it...

keep im mind though, children of this age often discover their genitals and will play with them as it "feels good" to them.

when i change my 17month old son, he hits himself(not hard) on the penis repeatedly... all i do is distract him, i don't even mention it...
Thank you for your help carang. My son is 3 and a half years old. I guess I can ask him but it is very scary.
Agree with carang that the best way is probably to ask him in a natural way. If you feel too emotional to do it yourself, you could always ask for professional help, but you're probably in a better position to understand his answers.

This website might provide some insight