My 2.5 years old kid fall down and crashed her noise seriously


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Dear all, few days ago, I kid got cut on her noise seriously I and my husband feel very very bad and worried she will have a big mark on her noise.
there isn't much you can do about it. kids fall down... you can't stop them every time. my girl fell today in the playground. she has HUGE bump on her forehead and it will be a massive bruise, which kind of sucks as i was hoping to get photos in the next few weeks. i'll have to put it off for now.
Did you take her to see doctor ? I feel very hard to control my emotions, it seems so many things happened to me . I couldn't sleep well, when I facing my girl I am so worried that she is sad about her big mark .
well, she WILL be sad about the mark, if you keep mentioning it.

and no, i didn't take her to the doctor. i asked her mama and yeh yeh how she reacted after the fall... did she vomit? did she squeal when she cried? did she seem disoriented? did she have a difficult time balancing? the answers to all of these questions were "no", so she seems ok. IF the answers to ANY of the questions had been "yes" then i would have taken her to the doctor immediately.

as i said, ALL children fall. it's part of how they learn. you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT try to stop it from happening (unless, of course, you see VERY dangerous behaviour).

you are not a bad mother because your child fell down.
I recommend you to take her to see a Craniosacral therapist or an Integrative Manual Therapist and check out if anything goes wrong with your daughter. They can assess and treat in a gentle manner, but very effective. I always take my kids to see them for regular check-up. I think this is what the best I can do for them right now.