Music Together


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Anyone try Music Together???
how's the class structured? similar to KinderMusic?
any commends?

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I see... Rani :)

but my son just turn 2... would he be too old???

he really love music... and I'm looking around for some Music class...
hope MT's what we're looking for :)


The class is up to 4 years old, so not to worry. Andrea (the instructor) is a wonderful person. You can email her and ask her to group with the other 2 year olds.

My daughter, Rachel, is just over two and half and we go to music classes at Kindermusik by Catherine in Wyndham Street, Central.

I think that this time of singing and dancing is Rachel's favorite time of the whole week. She loves all the activities from playing the instruments, dancing to the music, snack time, listening to the story and even enjoys the colouring available before and after the class.

Catherine is a charming person and clearly loves the children, as they do her (Rachel seems to idealise her) and she has the loveliest voice that makes that lessons a pleasure for the mothers too.

Hi. My 15-month old girl goes to the Gymboree music class at the moment but i have heard good things about Music Together. I sent Andrea an e-mail (at [email protected]) over a month ago and still haven't heard from her. Is anyone currently going to Andrea's classes who can put me in contact with her? I know that the YWCA is offering Music Together classes as well. Andrea is not with YWCA i presume?

What are the fees for Music Together? I couldn't find any info. on their worldwide site.
my son (14 months) does both - kindermusik and music together. i personally like MT much better than kindermusik. Andrea Nye who does our Music Together is fantastic in getting the kinds engaged. I find that my son is bored in Kindermusik and the teacher is not that great in getting all ages engaged. I like that MT is not that structured for a change. My son went when he was a crawler and loved it and still loves the class as a walker. I think the main difference is that the adult in MT has to be as equally engaged for the class to work. You are jumping, dancing and twirling around with your little one no matter what the age. I like that the class is mixed with kids from 6 months to 4 years old. My son is the only walker in Kindermusik since he's in the birth to 18 montn year old group which I think is too big of a spread in that type of environment .....