Music Classes.


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Can anyone recommend a good introduction class to music/musical instruments?

We don't want to start lessons on a specific instrument but would like to expose our son to a variety of instruments under sl more guidance than his tone-deaf, musically-illiterate parents can offer.

Would prefer Sai Kung through to Kowloon if possible but would consider further afield.

I have contacted Tom Lee about the Yamaha course several times, but it seems they do not have any classes in English (or Mandarin), only Cantonese, which doesn't work for us. Does anyone know of any place that has Yamaha course in English? Thanks.
What is the Yamaha Course?

Keyboards only or a variety of instruments involved?
Geared for kids?

I am also after a similar sort of thing as PC_Man. Would even consider lessons on a specific instrument if that was all that was available in english. I live in Tai Po so don't want to have to travel to the island,,,
fee, there is "music together" at the Simply Fitness Clubhouse in Hong Lok Yuen. The new course starts next week. I am not sure how old your children are, but it may be handy given you are in Tai Po.
Hi Bizeemama

Funny you should mention that - I have been thinking about joining Simply Fitness. My boys are 2 and 4 so Music Together sounds fantastic.