Motherease One Size Nappies plus various wraps and extras


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I am about to post on a few classified sites but thought someone on here might be interested.....

I have about 20 gently used cloth nappies for sale. mostly motherease (some organic some non-organic)..about 10 organic Imse wraps, a few bamboo nappies from Australia (Baby Beehinds)...lots of liners etc etc
all purchased in London and in VERY good condition.

If anyone is interested send me a PM. Looking to sell for around $400

Hi there! I may be very interested in these. I have been using all AIOs with my son, however,he has been waking up wet so I think I need to change my system a little. I have never used One Size before, for some reason it makes me skeptical that they can really fit all sizes :) Do you think they would fit my 30lb 20mo son? I would love to come have a look whenever you are available.