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Hi there,

I have a 4 1/2-month-old little girl (*18.02.04) and live in Clear Water Bay. I would like to meet other mothers with kids in a similar age to share our spare time and excitement of being a new mom. Are there any groups that we could join ? We have a car to get around and a lot of free time, since I decided not to go back to work and enjoy all the precious time of my daughter's first year. After having had oversea visitors for most of the past 4 months, we are now hoping to settle down in a bit of a routine and start a social life with other Babes & New Moms ?

Since Amber is getting better at sitting and socialising, it would be now great to find some new pals to share our time and toys with. Amber and I also love swimming and exploring Hong Kong with our Baby Bjorn. So, if you are (or know) other Moms & Babes or any related activities, please let us know how we can make the most out of this special time.


Maja & Baby Amber


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Hi Maja

Do you still remember me? We met at the P'N shop about a month ago!! My hubby actually asked your email and phone no for me to contact you in the future! Nice to see you and your little beauty here! How's your little one doing? Last week, we did throw our baby into the pool at the backyard, just a little plastic pool and she loves it. Also, she just started rolling over this week which makes me keep an eye one her all the time now. Hopefully, we can catch up with you guys very soon!!!