Mei Tai baby carriers


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Does anyone know where I can buy Babyhawk Mei Tai baby carriers in Hong Kong? getting them sent from US sites are quite expensive. babyhawks have head support probably better than the regular mei tais.

or anyone have any suggestion for an easy baby carrier for my 1mth old? i have a Maya Wrap, but i find it so difficult to use & i have to have one arm under baby to feel secure.
I am using the Moby wrap on my four week old. It's great, baby fits securely and is very comfy but it's a little annoying at first because it's so long. I bought it online from amazon.
up until about 4 months old, i used a hotsling with my son. it's like a fabric pouch where you can slot them in and they lie cradled against your body. when they are a bit bigger, you can sit them up in it although i didn't think this position was very comfortable for them.

you can get similar pouch slings from toys r us. about $300 i think. they fold up really small and you can just pop them in your bag when you're not using it.
I use the Moby wrap as well (bought it from this place Baby Carriers and Baby Slings by Baby Buddha). Once you get the hang of it, it's fairly easy to use & comfortable as opposed to the Baby Bjorn which caused my shoulders & back a lot of pain. The only thing is, because it's a snug fit, can get a bit hot especially with the weather these days. Now I prefer to use the Ergo. A bit more heavy than the Moby wrap, but still comfy.