Meeting new Dutch friends in HK?


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Hi everyone,

A Dutch/Chinese mommy here with 3 kids (5yo/ 2,5yo and almost 1yo). We moved to HK (Yuen Long) 1,5 years ago and still have a long way to go to get adjusted to the life here. Especially with all the social distancing measures, meeting/making friends has not been easy... Would love to meet up with some fellow Dutchies with kids here!

Please PM me if interested! :)
Hi~ welcome !

Im Dutch chinese mom as well, my LO is almost 1,5 years old. I live in Tuen mun, maybe we can meet in the future ??????
Hello! I am a dutch chinese mommy of a 3 year old as well. moved to sg but will be back in HK sometimes to visit fam and trips. interested in meeting more dutch chinese mommies!