Matilda Yellow Alert and SARs


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I've heard that the Matilda is on yellow alert for SARs and only allowing 1 visitor per day. I have a few weeks to go but am really nervous. Can someone share their experience on delivering during SARs and the visitor restrictions.
Hi NewMom

I gave birth in May during Sars and The Matilda was only allowing 1 visitor per day at that time and initially I wasn't happy that I was only allowed 1 visitor. Looking back now I am so glad that this was the case as I ended up having an emergency c-section and latching problems and the last thing I would have wanted was to make small talk with even my closest friends and I'm not sure whether I would have had the heart to refuse their visits.

Please don't be nervous - make the most of the time that you will be there getting to know your new one and catching up on much needed rest.

Having said all that I'd be really upset if my daughter was my second child and she wasn't able to visit.

Anyway good luck and take it easy over the next couple of weeks.
I also delivered at Matilda during SARS (May 03). Enjoy the peace and quiet !!! Catch up on your sleep - it's the last time you're likely to get any for a while. I had a normal delivery, not along labour, without any subsequent problems and I was still so tired that I really appreciated my 3 days rest.

Visitors can always visit you at home when you feel up to it.

My one visitor was always my husband. As we were in a private room, he was allowed to stay overnight with us as well. It was a really special time, just the three of us in a room together.

At least Matilda allows one person. I understand that public hospitals won't even allow your husband in. We would have been devastated if my husband was not allowed to see the birth of our first child and spend time with us in the early days.
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Thanks aldougie and Jane.

This is our first. Thank goodness we don't have to worry about an older sibling. I was more concerned about my parents (mom especially) who are so excited and plan on flying out for the delivery. I don't want to be in a situation where I have to choose between my husband and mother as my "visitor of the day".
I also gave birth during SARS on 2nd May. My main problem was that my husband was living in China at the time and visiting me during the weekends before I gave birth so I had all week on my own. On my due date the Matilda kindly gave me a letter stating that anyone travelling over from China would have to go into ten days quarantine. As you can imagine I was absolutely horrified as my husband had only left two days before and gone back to China and the Matilda was fully aware of this. After speaking with them about it, my husband immediately travelled back, the Matilda gave him a health check and said he would be allowed into the hospital. What a relief for me as I went into labour the next day and eventually had an emergency c-section.

I was not too bothered about the one person restriction on visiting. Your time is so taken up with your new arrival that you would not have time to think about who has or has not visited you.

Also as regards a second child, I noticed while I was in the Matilda that second children were visiting with their fathers.

Anyway good luck and enjoy your new arrival.
I just delivered my baby at the Matilda on 12th Jan 2004, only husband and my son were allowed to visit.
I'm also due in a few weeks time but were admitted at The Matilda on Jan 13th due to false alarm I had that night. Yes, only 1 visitor and your own children (which is not a case for you) are allowed. You'll have to choose whether it's your husband or your mother that'll be with you in the delivery ward, and personally, I'd rather have my husband
This is my third pregnancy and I'll go to The Matilda again. I'm not bothered at all with their 1-visitor policies since friends' visits can be done after you've got home.
As for mother/mother-in-law, from my own experience, you'll need her more when you're back at home. During my previous two deliveries at The Matilda (before SARS), my mother and mother-in-law took turns visiting supposedly to care for me but I was in such good care and in a condition where I just wanted to spend time with my little one alone that they merely did nothing than sat there and watched TV.
It's only 3 days after all.

Hope you'll find this information useful enough. We might see each other in the hospital, don't we?
hello there

i thought i might reply to your sars question. i had my baby last year at the matilda during the last sars outbreak - i don't know what is happening now but last year only my husband was allowed with me in the hospital. when we checked in they took our temperatures and my husband was asked to wear a mask. the staff all wore masks but were incredibly supportive and really reassuring. i think the best thing to do is to remember that all these things are precautionary and are done in your best interest. please don't be nervous, i know just how you feel; i felt just the same last year but as soon as i got to the hospital i just focussed on having my baby and i soon calmed down.

i wish you all the best ; have a wonderful experience at matilda- i did- even in the middle of SARS...

I also delivered during SARs in April 03. My daughter was unable to visit me and meet her new sister. Although we both cried a lot about this before I went to hospital, it actually made coming home with the baby much more exciting.

What I found disappointing was not being able to see what my midwives looked like. They were wearing masks the whole time.