Mandarin in Kindergarten - Are You Satisfied?


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My daughter studies at an ESF kindergarten. They have a Mandarin "programme" but truth is, after 5 months she hasn't really learned anything.

I'm wondering if other parents are satisfied with their child's learning of Mandarin.

If so, what pre-school/kindergarten do you send them to? And/or what type of progamme do they offer?

Thanks for your suggestions.
I think it depends on what you want from the Mandarin lessons. A lot of kindergartens have Mandarin for a few minutes a couple of times a week involving singing a few songs and reading a story or two in Mandarin- if all you want is to introduce Mandarin to your child then that's fine, but if you are expecting them to learn the language then they need more than that! To really learn a language you need to be immersed in it and a better option would be a kindergarten solely in Mandarin, or where they have Mandarin everyday with speaking, reading, writing etc. Somewhere like Kiangsu Chekiang (where they can attend kindergarten solely in Mandarin, or international kindergarten with 30 mins-1 hr of Mandarin a day.)