Looking for playgroup Gold Coast/Tsuen Wan/Tuen Mun Area


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Hi, I am desperate to fine a playgroup or others with children in this area. I am staying at Gold Coast for a couple months with my 4 year old and 2 year old until we get our apartment in Discovery Bay. My 4 year old has been in school prior to our move to HK but I have to wait until we get to DB to put him back in. Anyone knowing of a playgroup in this area (I know of Glitterbugs at the clubhouse but they are full) or want to get together for a playdate, please feel free to email me [email protected].
Hi dfair1721 - I live in Tsuen Wan, but my boy is only 4 months old. I was going to look for playdates for him (and me!) when he was about 6 months old. But I don`t think your kids would like him:)
I run a playgroup in Tsing Yi. I have had kids come from Tuen Mun and Sham Tseng. If you are interested, I would be happy to pass on my information.

There are two days per week that I have classes for kids 2-4+ years old. (Wednesday & Thursday 2:30-3:45pm). In each class, we have a greeting time with a day board, arts & crafts, playtime, dancing, singing and stories.
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we don't start until 10 months, so, you'll have to wait a little while.

you can have a look at my website:
Hi Shenzhenifer,

I have a 7 months old baby boy and live in Sham Tseng. Have you found an playgroup so far?
Hi Lily.hk,
I haven't found one, but haven't been actively looking yet. My son is nearly 5 months now and was thinking of being involved in something when he was around 6 months(plus we're on holiday in Canada at the moment).
Are you part of a playgroup or looking to start one? I would be happy to join or form one with you if you like, or don't mind the slight age difference of our boys.
Hi Shenzhennifer,

Thanks for your reply. In fact I am looking to start one and I also do not mind the slight difference of age. I will also be out HK for some time but should be back by end June or beginning July. Meantime, enjoy your vacation in Canada! Quebecoise? Vous parlez francais?

Au plaisir de vous lire...

Hi Lily,
Sorry, English Canadian, Toronto area:)
Let's keep in touch for when you come back to HK - sounds like a perfect time for my baby.

Any mums looking for a playgroup In Tsuen Wan? I recently started teaching an English Playgroup at a language centre in Tsuen King Circuit and they have student spaces available.
Level 1: - 17 months-24 months
Level 2: 24-36 months