Looking for Barney Musical Tickets


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I guess im a little late in purchasing the tickets because i just went online to try to do so and all the VIP category tickets were sold out! Is anybody selling tickets for the VIP section? im looking for 3 tickets.
thanks rani but those seem to have sold already. Anybody else looking to sell 3 tickets for the $495 seating area please do let me know!
2 Barney Tickets for sale

Selling because not able to attend as going overseas.

Sunday 23rd March at 4pm, 2 tickets
Section: Stalls
Row: P
Seat 5 and 4

Price $810 for two (original purchase price)

Please call 6193545 if interested.
4 tickets for sale

We will also be away for Easter break. I've got 4 tickets for Sunday, 23 March, 11:00am. Seats: K 27, 28, 29, 30. Got 10% discount with Star Card, so each ticket cost $446 plus $5 service fee. Total cost: $1804.

If anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks.
Im still looking for 3 tickets, anybody selling 3?

syuan, will ask my friend who was looking for 4 tickets if she is interested, will let u know.
ttc2ndbaby: thanks for asking your friend. FYI, we will be leaving HK on March 16, so these 4 tickets must be sold this week. thanks!