Lazy Eye

Eye specialist

Try Dr Agnes Tse at Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital. She is a childrens' opthalmologist. My 2 year old daughter sees her.
We went to see Dr Kenneth Ng in Princes Building. He was good and nice with our toddler.

Room 1419 Princes Building

My son sees Dr Godfrey Lam, his rooms are in the Argyle Centre on Nathan Road, Kowloon. Tel: 2391 3975

We went to a number of different ophthalmologists before we found Dr Lam - he and is staff are brilliant with my 1 year old, and he always takes the time out to answer the millions of questions I bombard him with at every visit. He previously worked at the Sydney Children's Hospital before moving back up to HK.

I highly recommend him and he is worth the trip up to Mongkok.
I do NOT recommend Dr Agnes Tse. She is the worst opthalmologist I have ever met. I took my child to see her, and she was impatient and gave wrong information regarding my child's eyes (he is far sighted according to several other drs, but dr tse says he is far sighted and that is equivalent to lazy eyes - in my understanding and according to other drs, she does not have lazy eye, and they are NOT the same). In addition, I saw her myself on that day, because I have eye allergies and wanted to get some simple Pataday drops. She said she needed to put in a dye to see if I have eye allergy, and I agreed (in the past I have not had to do that with other doctors). Then her nurse put the dye in, and then put in 2 drops of something. My left eye immediately swelled up and I felt something was in there when I blinked. I asked what it was and she said she put in anesthetic drops. And then proceeded to put a blue object ONTO my eye ball. WHY? She never told me before hand. I felt violated. She said it's standard procedure to do that and check for Glaucoma - her nurse had just done a vision test and my vision was 1.0/ perfect. Why is she checking Glaucoma and why didn't she TELL ME she was going to test Glaucoma? Then she asked rudely if I have ever seen an eye doctor before. I said yes, and she said you have never done that?? Are you sure they were eye doctors?? I highly recommend against this woman, she is a terrible doctor and person. She is old, in her 50s, and at first I thought she would be patient and experienced... She turned out quite the opposite.
I also had a rather rude encounter with Dr Agnes Tse - I wouldn't recommend her to anyone wanting a patient and understanding doctor.
My son had a lazy eye when he was little - the iris would drift out late in the day when he was tired. Ophthalmologists in Singapore and Thailand recommended patching the lazy eye. Starting with 20 minutes a day, we worked it up to 4 hours a day. My son was very cooperative and never complained. It worked while he was patching but once we stopped, it would soon start drifting again. Surgery was recommended.

Very thankful that through my research on the internet I discovered Vision Therapy - it like physiotherapy for the eyes. Using strings, beads, and other material, it strengthens and trains muscles in the eyes.

I found an optometrist in Melbourne who offered VT and took my son back for the treatment. Within 2 weeks we saw significant improvement in my son's condition. We persisted with the exercise daily for a month, and thereafter just a couple of times a week for a couple more months. My son was about 5 years old by then. He is now 22 yo. The condition is still there, but he is aware if it when his eye drifts out, and he is able to bring it back in so I have never seen it drifting out since the treatment. VT has taught him to use muscles that we, who do not have the condition, take for granted.

I know an optometrist in HK who offers VT - she is the Uni mate of the optometrist who treated my son, and we have been going to her for our glasses for many years. Her name is Monica Lau (+852 2525 1733). She's in Melbourne Plaza.

I hope this is helpful for your child.