Kindies in Tung Chung


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Hi. I have a 2 yr ol girl and am exploring the options of a playgroup for her.

The info on the forum re Kindies in Tung Chung (and DMK in DB) seem quite outdated. Would be interested in recent experiences with Sun Shine house in Tung Chung. Also DMK in DB will be starting up in Tung Chung this September, any experieces with them will also be appreciated.
What are the curriculums like and are the teachers experienced/qualified?

Was actually looking at sending her only 2/3 times a week, however, all information I have got is only for 5days*3hr sessions, which i feel may be excessive for a 2+ yr old.

Would love to know your views on whether your toddlers enjoy similar palygroups/prenursery...