Kids' shoes


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Footstop in Central closed down in Jun this year. Any recommendation of professional shoe retailers like Footstop? They provide superb service in measuring and suggesting shoes for the individual kids.
How about Clarks? They usually measure length and width of child's foot. Not as expert as Footstop but close.

I usually go to the Clarks outlet in Tung Chung but am sure they have on the island.

I know a lot of people like Dr. Kong shoes, they also measure feet, but I'm not a big fan of their shoes.
Is there a Footstop at Ocean Terminal, TST? Just wondering b/c I would like to find mre. choices other than Dr. Kong. They have v. limited choices of styles. My son was only given the option of one style (plain black pair for school) for his size!

My son's feet are v. thin so I prefer to go to a shop where they can measure & have mre. choices.
clarks in aberdeen?

is this true? I heard there is a Clarks where they measure width and length for children. Does anyone know about it?