Kids language exchange/play group: English; Japanese; Cantonese; Mandarin


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Hello parents,

I'm looking to organize a regular play group/language exchange for kids in the TKO area. I'm at TKO Plaza.

My son is 3.5 years old and his primary language is English; and Japanese is second language. He has basic Cantonese and Mandarin. I would like to set up a regular exchange for the kids to get together for play and interaction using the various languages.

Kids in a similar age range would be ideal - give or take. Given that older kids may sometimes get overly excited and not pay attention to the younger kids.

Currently, very flexible on timing - afternoons are free. So please let me know if there's any interest by replying to the thread or you can send me a private message.

Hi Mark

My son has just turned to 4. Would like to meet up with other kids. Please whatsapp me:
+44 7917 205 922.



I'm very interested in your idea. My daugther is just 4 years old and I hope she could learn English naturally in playdate. I speak native Cantonese , some Mandarin and simple English.

You can reach me by whatsapp 98022377 or sending private message.