keeping toddler busy in HK heat/humidity?


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Hi there,
Newly arrived Canuck mom with 18 mo old. First, I am worrying about how much time my little one should be outside what with the heat and humidty that we are not used to. Secondly any suggestions on daily activities for that age group or ideas on how you other moms are keeping your little ones amused and happy during the summers here?
Amusing toddler

When my kids were toddlers we spent almost all our free time in the swimming pool. I got them those swimsuits with long sleeves and trouser legs that protected them from the sun, so I only had to put sunscreen on their faces and shins.

I was lucky enough to live in a housing estate that had a pool. so it was not hard to get too.

Don't underestimate the bathtub. Your toddler might like to spend 30-40 minutes every day just playing with water toys and/or bubbles.

The United Services Club also has regular mom & kids playgroups.

The Museum of Science in Tsim Sha Tsui East has a lot of fun activities for kids. The bubbles are great and there's also a play area that's set up like a grocery store for the kids to play at. It's pretty cheap and also air conditioned.

The museum of history is also nice, but I think 18 months is too young.

One thing I noticed in my housing estate was that the time that kids go out to play was usually late afternoon or early evening - about 5-7pm is the big play time, because the heat is not so bad and the sun is going down.

Good luck!
In Western, there is a "soft play" room at the indoor games hall. It's the big building on the waterfront between Kennedy Town and the Macau Ferry Terminal.
The Central Library has a play room called the Toy Library. You will need to make reservation a week ahead. The children section has a great selection of books for toddlers.

Armstroe, can you provide more info. about this "soft play" room?