Just relocated to HK. Confused about where to live!


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We just moved to HK from London for work and I am 31 weeks pregnant! We are in serviced apartments for a month and need to find a place before the baby arrives!! I am planning to take 6 mths off before going back to work . We have looked at many flats in the last two days but I'm very confused!! Looking for a place that will be easy with a stroller but also for things to do as I do not want to feel isolated moving to a new country and out of work. Robinson road in mid levels and bel air are the two choices so far. Which do you recommend? Are there any others that anyone would recommend? My husband will work in the icc so an easy commute there is also needed.
BelAir and Robinson road are both very different and have their pros and cons.

Robinson Road is super convenient with the escalator and you're a short ride to Central/SOHO Taking a stroller isn't that easy but if you put baby in a carrier you'll be fine. You also have the morning trail starting from Conduit Rd and a few mums do this walk occasionally. Some of the newer buildings have a lot of facilites - pool/playroom etc

BelAir has a real community feel. Lots of Mums and babies and activities to keep you both busy during the day. The air is cleaner and you've got amazing seaviews. Downside is the commute will be a bit longer for your husband. With the MTR in Pok Fu Lam, it should be a bit less.

Have you looked at places on Kowloon Side? Olympic/ Elements? Lots of Expat families staying in Kowloon.