is anyone due in April?

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Hi all!

We're expecting our 2nd baby due around April 9th. Any other expecting moms due in April? How are you feeling? Are you able to sleep comfortably? do you have names picked out? Do you feel ready for your little one?
Hi Katie

I'm due April 13th and its my 2nd too. How old is your first one? Mines 8 so feel like a first time mum again!

Been feeling great until about 2 weeks ago. Now just tired and hot with bad backache. Sometimes sleeping well, sometimes my mind is racing thinking about alot of silly things even though I am tired - bizarre. How about you?

I can't wait for the little one to be born I am really bored now.

I'm Having a little girl - do you know what you are having? Thought of a few names but probably won't decide until we see her. Where do you plan to deliver?

Take care

Hi April Moms.

Our first, a little boy, is due April 25th. Like Jackie, we can't decide between our top two names. So the current plan is to make the final decision after meeting the little guy.

I had back and neck problems in my first trimester, but no pain since getting an adjustment from a Chinese bonesetter.

Sleep is fine as long as I have my trusty body pillow (my husband calls it 'the gigolo' as he feels replaced by the pillow) and my husband doesn't snore as...for the first time in my life...I have suddenly turned into a light sleeper.

We plan to deliver at Matilda as they are the only hospital that didn't give us a nasty attitude whe we said that we wanted to 'room in'.

Good luck!
We don't know the gender. At our ultrasound the baby was less than willing to cooperate. Although the tech and a doctor both said they thought it was a girl, there really wasn't any way to tell for sure. I have friends that want to throw me a baby shower, but I've said it will have to be after the birth because I don't want only gender neutral stuff!!

Anyway, my first dd will turn 4 about a month after the baby is born. Originally I was hoping to space my kids about 2.5 years apart, but now I can't even imagine doing it another way. I think my dd is going to be a fabulous big sister!

We will deliver at Queen Mary... not especially looking forward to that since my dd was born in the USA and I had a private birthing suite (stayed in the same room for labor and delivery and recovery) with a whirlpool tub, and dh could stay w/ me 24/7 etc... Oh well.

Just recently my hips and back have been very sore, making it really hard to find a comfy position to sleep in. Other than that I feel fine. We haven't really talked names for awhile, but have several on our list. As the time draws closer maybe we'll get more serious about it. :)
Hi, April moms --

Our 2nd one is due around Apr 12. Can't wait! Acc. to the ultrasound scan, we're supposed to be having a girl this time, but lately strangers have been coming up to me and "predicting" that I'll have a boy, purely from the way I'm carrying (pointy and in front). Sure hope not, as we now have tons of pink stuff from friends and we're giving away my son's blue stuff!

Sleep is so-so, getting a bit uncomfortable now with the size of the bump. I've started to use a wedge now, when I did without one with our first one (just turned 2yo). Also, this one is moving so MUCH more and the movements are so much more intense than what I've experienced before with #1.

How are you preparing #1 with the baby's arrival?

It'll be fun to get together after the babies are born (if we don't live too far from each other!).
Hi, April moms --

How are you preparing #1 with the baby's arrival?

We've been trying to include our dd in everything since the beginning. She was the first one we told, and then she started telling everyone. lol. I've talked to her a lot about how my body is changing and how the baby is growing. She has come to several doctor appts. w/ me and to the ultrasound as well. I bought her several little books for Christmas about adding a new baby to the family and how much attention the baby will need, while trying to assure her that we'll still have special time for cuddles and stories and going to the playground etc. I do expect some jealousy because she's been an only child for nearly 4 years. I know it will be a tough adjustment, but I think that she will be a fabulous big sister.
I too have been including my first in everything - except for doctors appointments which he did'nt want to go to. He is now 8 so it is a little easier to explain. Although I still don't think he can comprehend that she is going to be a baby and won't be able to play cars with him initially.

He really wants to help - except change nappies (his words) and he has chosen a toy for her which was very sweet.
I'm due April 10th, it will be my first.
Would move to meet others in the same boat as I, as I have no idea what to expect.
Can anyone recommend a good anti-natal clinic at all?
Hi Nicole,

I just saw this thread, but not sure you'll get much response on here as the last post was made in 2007.
I personally recommend Annerley for ante-natal stuff, a private organisation that have midwives who run classes, do scans, etc.

All the best!