How often does your baby get a cold?

my 10 months old has been getting flu (cough and runny nose) like every month too. the doc keeps on saying that it's the weather but i'm a bit concerned for his health. he has been taking those pneumococcal vaccination but it doesn't seem to be helping.

i hate seeing him suffering every month and the worse part is giving him these medicines. :((
Earlier our son used to get cold every 6-8 weeks and we were tired of giving him medications as he spits the syrup out. Finally we switched to homeopathy and touch wood he has a cold now after about 4-5 months
About once before my little girl turned 1 and that was because my helper was very sick and hid the fact from us until I found out in the evening. She caught a cold again after the age of 1 due to the cold water temperature at the indoor swimming pool during a parent/infant swim lesson. Other than that, she hardly falls sick (touch wood).
when my son started to go to baby classes like panda junction at 6-7 months, he started to colds every couple of months.....

now he is 28 months and we don't even give anything for runny noses....would rather let him ride it out and play outdoors only than take more medication.
When my son turned I started giving him a multi-vitamin once a day. Crushed up in his yoghurt after dinner. He seems to have far less colds now than he did when he was younger.
Last winter my kids were sick constantly. I took them to a naturopath at IMI and she said giving them zinc solution would be a good start. It helps the respiratory system.
Ever since they started taking it every day, along with a multi vitamin, they hardly get sick at all. And when they do it's mild and short lived.
My son was sick often as well. IMI gave him Cod liver oil and a multi-vitamin to help build his immunity. Sorry can't remember the name of the multi-vitamin. It was a flavored sachet, and I've seen it at Healthgate. They both helped him, and he got sick less and less. He still takes a spoon of Cod Liver Oil daily.
We use kindervital liquid multi vitamin. You give them a few ml on a spoon like you would medicine. Tastes like juice so no problem getting it into little ones.
I buy mine from IMI on Stanley St central. Not sure where else stocks it
My daughter has been getting cold/ cough every month this year too, she is 25 months old.
Visited her pediatrician yesterday, he said he is seeing many children with similar problems and its got to do with the weather and high pollution.