how many times should a new born poo?


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does anyone know how many times a new born should pu / pee everyday? my baby pus 4 times a day and on top of that 3-4 pees...the pu is enough to fill the diaper and the color is right....yellow with white sediment type things in it. the reason i ask is my helper thinks that BF and formula might not be good for my baby - causing her to be lactose intolerant and thus pu-puing so there any need ti worry? from what i recall from my no. 1 this seems normal...but then again that was 2 years ago...thanks! :)
both of my kids poo-ed EVERY time i changed the nappy, probably 5-6 times per day. we also had probably 7-8 wet nappies, if memory serves...

YOU are a mother, YOU have been through this before... do not let ANYONE undermine your confidence.
sounds familiar! thought there was something wrong with my daughter at first - then it happened EVERY time so I just kind of got used to it! nice to know everything is just the way it's meant to be! :)