How Could I Handle My 15m Baby and My Job?


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My husband and I are moving from Vancouver to HK. My husband has got a full time job and I am looking for a full time job too. We have a 15 months old baby. I do not know how we can find good places or good person to take care of my baby. If any one could give us some suggestions, I will appreciate very much.
Hi Christinachen,

Most people here (whether they are full-time moms or work full-time) have helpers (maids). They are nothing like a nanny. Most of them are from Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Southeast Asian countries and mostly do cleaning. If you are planning to work full-time than hiring a helper would be your best option. That being said, you'll need to interview lots. Making sure that they have previous experience taking care of babies and references (telephone #) from their previous employer. I cannot stress how important it is for you to be able to talk to their previous employer. There are lots of good helpers but also lots of bad apples. If you can I would suggest staying at home with the helper and your baby for a few months before leaving them alone. Just so you can tell if you feel comfortable with her.

At 15m, there are loads of stuff to do. Depending on where you live, there will be plenty of playgroups and classes your helper can take your baby to for stimulation and interaction with other kids. So they are not stuck at home all day long. This could be a rather long reply so if you need more info. send me a PM. Hope this helps...