Hot Summer - what to do to entertain 17 month old??


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Need some advice and suggestions on what to do to entertain my 17 month old boy when it is so hot outside at the moment! He is at a playgroup once a week, we take him swimming in our pool at the apartment, Playtown, indoor games at home but what else can we try? We were taking him to the park/playground but its too hot for me and him now (I am pregnant). Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Hi SB, here's my 2 cents worth!

Someone posted a really good post on what to do with babies while schools are suspended, full of indoor activities to do with household items.

Also, some coffee places have play areas. I can think of Tree in Horizon Plaza and Babycakes, also in Horizon Plaza...are there any others?]

Of course, there's the usual walking around shopping centres, but I for one find that really tiring...

on hot days, a bucket of water on the balcony + some little plastic cups and other kitchen utensils provide quite a bit of (messy) entertainment! Of course, best to do this on a balcony (if you have one) or outside somewhere.

Interested to hear what ideas others come up with!
Thanks plumtree. I did have a look at the thread on what to do while school is out but a lot of it was a bit old for my boy.

I agree re shopping malls. I hate them particularly now that all I can think about buying in the next few months is maternity clothes!

Like the idea of the bucket of water and cups etc. He loves water and we have a balcony.

Good to have things that my helper can do with him too as I work 3 days a week.

I posted a huge post on things to do during suspension period.....

If you want my summer ideas pls. PM me.
Thanks Bumps - have PM'ed you. Would love to see your list if it is still suitable for littlies rather than school aged.

PS anyone know of a shaded playground near midlevels? I heard that there was shaded areas in parts of the zoo but elsewhere?
To all the lovely Mum's who have PMd me - I will send the details re: summer fun tomorrow!