Hospital booking and switching doctors


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I'm still in the early stages of my 1st trimester. I want to deliver in a private hospital, preferably Matilda, and I was wondering what happens if you decide to switch doctors during the pregnancy?

As everybody's experience with various doctors can be drastically different, I'm prepared to switch doctors if needed. However, my concern is will my booking at Matilda be affected? Basically, I am assuming that my booking either follows the doctor or follows me. Does the new doctor need to rebook again (concern here is that I will lose my spot and need to wait list)? Or can the new doctor just take up my old booking at Matilda?

I think every hospital has their own regulations. You can change your doctor any time but you may loose your deposit.

I switched doctors at UH but my new doctor also operates at UH, she only got her clinic outside UH. I thought I would loose my deposit but ended up paying only an additional fee of HK$500. Better get all the info before you make your booking.
Matilda doesn't have a problem with switching doctors as long as you use one of the doctors that can deliver there. I switched from Ghosh to Chan and simply rang to inform them and they told me it's not a problem.

You should be aware though that you must be booked into their system at 9 weeks and pay the deposit within 4 weeks if not, you're most likely not to get a bed.
Certainly with the Matilda the booking is yours and not your Drs - so you can switch between Drs that can deliver very easily. I did just that and I did not have to do a thing my new dr took care of making the switch
@ Tini....Any doctor recommendation at UH?? I am 8 weeks ...and unable to find any good obs/gyn doc.I saw dr.Dora at UH Polyclinic...she is real good but unfortunately, she doesnt do delivery? Any recommendation/experience with UH's docs will be helpful..many thanks