HK smog + 16 month child


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Hi everyone!!!
We are thinking about moving to hk in a few months, but the pollution is really freaking us out, especially regarding our 16 month son.

I think this is the key-issue for us to make the decision.

Please share some thoughts about it.

Is it that bad?
Where should we live? (Both working in N Point, 30k budget)
Can kids play outdoors?
Is it safe indoors, even with air cleaners?
Do you see many asthma cases in toddlers?

Is hk a fun place to raise a child?

Thank you!!!! ;)

HK is a fantastic place to raise a child. There are lots of activities to keep you both busy. Many expats here, in the same boat, so making friends is also easy, and before you know it you'll have an active social life with playgroups, etc. Plus, with inexpensive live in help, babysitting is taken care of and you and your partner can enjoy HK life. Plenty of restaurants to try etc.

The pollution can be bad a few days a year, but there are plenty of beautiful clear days. On the bad days, staying indoor with a air cleaner is fine.

On a 30K budget, you may find something in the North Point, or even on DB. However I would recommend staying in a serviced apt for the first month until you get your bearings, before you commit to a neighborhood.
Thank you for the reply.

We are thinking about living on the Eastern area, or happy valley, depending on the activities for the baby that exist on each.
We are also raising the budget for rent, let's say to 35 or 40k since it was not enough.
From happy valley and eastern areas (grand promenade, or similar) what do you recommend with a bab?. Both parents will be working ;)

Thank you :)

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