Hikes with Toddlers


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It's hiking season again! Does anybody have any suitable hikes/walk for toddlers they'd like to share?

We went on a hike from Wong Nei Chung Gap to Jardines Lookout this past weeked with another couple. Our three year old daughters are good friends at school. Weather was perfect! The No. 6 bus from Central dropped us off at the petrol station and at the top of the stairs going up to the road to Parkview, we took the stone path going to the left. It was level enough for the guys to have a stroller race with the kids and when it got more rocky, the girls were able to get off and exercise their little legs, picking up leaves and sticks on the way. This section took around 1 1/2 hours. When we finally arrived at Jardine Lookout, we headed up to Mount Butler Range. We had to push the kids up in their strollers but this was on the road and not too bad. This took another 20-30 minutes but there's a great view of Hong Kong and Kowloon side up there. We found a nice spot for a picnic. Did a bit more exploring in the area and managed to get a quick cab ride back down to Causeway Bay MTR to head home.