HELP! Baby doesnt like to sit/sleep in stroller


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Hi there

My baby is around 2months++, reaching 3months soon. We have recently tried venturing out shopping malls with her...but she dislike sitting inside. I tried slinging her, she dislike, she jus wants to be carried all the time! When she's tired, she needs to be rock to sleep, after she has fell asleep, i gently placed her into the stroller and push her around, but after a few minutes, she'll wake up screaming her head off! I see others pushing their sleeping babies around, sleeping in peace, but i'm wondering wat i did wrong or didnt!
Neither of mine liked the stroller so young, either. For trips out, I recommend a carrier (not a sling). I love the Ergo - still use it for both mine. Babies love to be close, feel your warmth and breathing, so they wake up when you try to transfer them.

For the 'needs to be rocked to sleep' comment, I'd consider starting a new thread - another (common) issue entirely!

Good luck.
fennho, when my baby was 2-3 months old, it was exactly the same for me! and i also kept wondering how the other people's babies could all sleep so peacefully.. oh well :D she's 8 months old now and the situation HAS improved. she's still not too fond of the stroller but it's alright for the first hour or so.. every baby is different. i'm absolutely sure that you as a mom have done nothing wrong! besides, i'm now convinced that those parents with the babies happily sleeping in their stroller have THEIR worries, too..
None of my children were happy in pushchairs until they were about 15 months old. As soon as it was a choice between walking and sitting in the pushchair (rather than being carried and sitting in the pushchair) they became much keener to use it.

If your baby doesn’t like the sling or carrier I’d suggest using it around the house – just a little everyday – until they are happy with it. Once the baby is happy in a sling or carrier it is so much easier to go out and about then having to carry the baby.

The other reasons I preferred to carry the baby rather than use a pushchair were:

* there are so many steps I seems always to end up carrying both baby and pushchair!

* baby was high up and away from the car fumes.
my son has just turned 5mths and we've recently started to use the stroller, as he is too heavy to carry around in the baby bjorn.

we've had different reactions from him towards the stroller. He's fine to sit in it, when we take him outdoors, but as soon as we are indoors; shoppiing mall or restaurant, then he starts to cry.

we're going to perservere, as we think he will get used to it, and to the people buzzing around him.

Good luck!!
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