Hair loss


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My hair have been falling since I came to Hong Kong 6 months ago. Anybody else facing this problem? Any recommendations for a tonic or doctor I could see? I am so stressed due to this. :confused:
yes joyof living,
i have been facing the same prob and i have been here since 6 months.....i started taking a multi-vitamin and i believe the hair loss did reduce a little bit though not much.....however getting pregnant has helped cause my hair does look a lot healthier already.
I am pregnant as well, although the texture has improved but the hair fall hasn't. Multi vitamins aren't helping either. How many weeks pregnant are you Mushi? I will be completing 12 weeks this Wednesday :biggrin:
Mine did the same - both when I came the first time and when i moved back after a 3 month holiday!!!

My native country is England, so I put it down to the hot weather.

I also do not think the pollution levels in HK help greatly!

I now use a very high in moisture conditioning treatment and I also use hot oils - it seems to help.

I am also pregnant but that doesnt seem to help LoL, although now that I am 5 months it has seemed to ease of quite a bit!