Ghosh or Lord for OB?


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I just moved to Hong Kong a couple days ago and am pregnant with twins. Both Dr. Ghosh and Dr. Lord were recommended to me. Does anybody have any opinions on either of them?
Thanks Somebodyfamous!
Congratulations on your twins!!
Could you tell me more about Dr. Stevenson?
Where did you deliver? And how is it going?!
Could you tell me more about Dr. Stevenson?
He has an office in Central and he also practices in the Adventist. I actually started to see him as he's in the same practice as my regular GP! He has a dry sense of humour - he answered all my questions - he was very relaxed too - he put things into lilttle goals for me. He was very patient with us.
He's also a fertility doctor - hence he has lots of experience with twins. I had a scheduled C-section as one baby was breech (which was a good thing as she had her umbilical call wrapped round her neck three times!).

Where did you deliver?
The Adventist, which was always my first choice!

And how is it going?!
I'm breast feeding and formula-supplementing both girls. Not much sleep but they are really gorgeous babies. We're first time parents :banana:

Thaimac, when are you due? Are you expecting twins (or more!)? Do you know the sexes?