Getting a toddlers hair cut


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Hi everyone,
We have only been in Hong Kong a week and so everything is very different. My 18 month old son is suffering a little from the heat. He has lovely curly hair and although I am reluctant to have it cut, it is making his head hot and giving him quite a heat rash. Does anyone know somewhere that I could get his hair cut. We are currently staying in North Point but can get anywhere,

There are a lot of salons around HK, if you want English speaking ones, you should go to the ones in Central, Causeway Bay, although they might charge more than the local ones. There's one on the 10/F in Sogo, Causeway Bay, and plenty of others in Central.
I take my daughter to Magic Mirror in Toys R Us in Ocean Terminal and get Tony to cut her hair.

It costs $240 but well worth it - he does the best job. She has long hair and getting it straight cut is beyond most hairdresser's ability.

The bonus is that the kids can sit on carousel animals and watch their favourite video while he cuts their hair.

It's open every day except Monday, and you can just turn up.
Thanks for the advice. We're going to try out Toys R Us link. Another excuse to get out and about exploring,


A great place to have your child's hair cut

We went to Toys R Us as suggested. What a great place for a toddler to have their hair cut. This is only the second time my son has had his hair cut and they were able to keep him still by their calm approach and providing him with lots of distractions. I would recommend this place to anyone with a child needing a hair cut. Thank you once again for the great advice!!!:bluebaby:

There's actually a Magic Mirror in Lee Gardens 2 in Causeway Bay, which is 10mins away if you're in North Point and you're not feeling too adventurous that day.
haircut for kids

Thanks guys for the lead on Magic mirror for hairs for kids. i have a 3 year old who hates having a haircut :rofl:. i am hoping this place lures her into it.
Magic Mirror costs a fortune, but is indeed super cute!

We got our son's haircut in the Stanley Plaza at the salon next to the pharamacy. She was great and cut his hair so fast. We paid around 60 HKD and I had his dvd player just in case - worked like a charm!