GeoKids.HK - Our new site for older kids


Dear Members,

Next month, GeoBaby.Com turns 5. Many of our founding members, who have grown with us, are no longer babies or toddlers.

For all our members with older kids, we're happy to announce the launch of GeoKids.HK covering parenting issues related to children 5 and older.

You can continue using your GeoBaby.Com login and password on GeoKids.HK. Do stop by and introduce yourself here.


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congratulations on the new site. i look forward to joining it as Riley bceomes a "kid".
all the best xx
Yeh congratulations and thank you for coming up with such a brilliant idea! Mine is approaching 17 months and already I feel he's no longer my little baby...boohoo....toddlerhood is a new experience and I look forward to participate in this new site as we grow together.
Argh...thanks! Didn't notice it existance in the menu bar. Get used to the convenience having the search function on the left bar as in geobaby.