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We are moving from Germany to HK in January 2008. My husband and I are both working, therefore we would like to find an international all day kindergarten for our son. He will be two years old by then. He is already for more than one year in an all day nursery (bi-lingual English and German) and enjoys it very much.
We will be on a house hunting trip end of October. Before choosing a location we have to find the right kindergarten. By the way, our office is located in Central HK.
Who knows any international private kindergarten that offers full day care? Advises are welcome!

German Swiss School has a half day kinder but they do offer after school activities that usually works out that the day gets stretched til late arvo so it works out to be a "full day kinder". There is a German and International stream there.

The only school I know that offers a full day kinder isYew Cheung International. I've met a German couple who send their kids there. He said that it's great! The kids are bilingual in both English and German. The only thing to bear in mind though is that Yew Cheung doesn't offer German.
Hi, I also send my son (2.5 yr old) to full day international class, "Tivoli" in Tsing Yi. You may consider "Yew Chung" in Kowloon Tong (good, but expensive); "THINK" in Kowloon Tong.
You can also try Tutor Time International Nursery & Kindergarten.

They have campuses in Red Hill (near Stanley) and also in Kowloon Tong. Their kindy actually goes from 09:00-12:00, but some students stay on until 14:30 and there are also some that stay on until 16:30. The ones who stay beyond 12noon get extra lesson time on English and Putonghua.

Good luck.
My son has recently started at an absolutely fantastic kindergarten in Tuen Mun, called Jing Jing . He is so happy and always eager to go to school. The teacher/student ratio is fantastic only 8 children per class, maximum, I don't even get that in my home country. As far as I am aware there are only 5 children in the 2 to 3 year old class. The kindergarten is housed on the site of Jing Jing Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten. The English section however has it's own dedicated facilities. The teachers really focus on the childs individual needs. I can't recommend this school enough because my son is so happy there!! As far as places to live nearby "Gold Coast Residences" is just up the road. It has a large number of expat families of all different nationalities. The facilities are good, they have a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, etc. There is also lots of place to play outside and a nice big soccer field.

Hope this helps.
I am interested in Jing Jing Kindergarten. Can anyone tell me any more information regarding Jing Jing International Kindergarten? In particular the cost and what the method of instruction is? Also how far away from the Gold Coast.
Many thanks
Hi, if your office is in central, you may consider woodland.
Woodland is the international preschool, and there are many in HK side.
My son goes to full day class which is from 8:30 to 15:30, so he leaves home around 8:10 and comes back around 16:00, pretty long compared to other kindergartens. There are some german kids. Only that kinder starts to accpet kids from 2.8years old.