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Our lease is almost over and we are searching for places to move. We've shortlisted these two flats for rent. One of them is a lovely duplex flat with a staircase. I have a 2.5 year old and a 2nd baby on the way. My question is: does the staircase pose potential danger for kids at this age? My son loves to venture a lot, jumping up and down the stairs at this age. Is there any way to childproof the staircase? Or shall I just forget about renting a duplex flat altogether? Would love to hear your advice :)
just get a baby gate.
we have a 3 story house and have made use of more than one gate to keep my 2 year old out of harm's way...

although by 2.5 years, your child should be ok on the stairs. my 2 year 1 month old has been ok on the stairs for at least 3-4 months. we keep the gates because I don't want her wandering around the house without supervision.

I have a 2.5-yr-old boy too. He is pretty ok with the stairs. Based on my own experience, a 2.5-yr-old does listen to your CLEAR instructions. They know what is dangerous and what shouldn't be done. for my son's case, after he walks up / down the stairs each time, he will come to me and say "I am a good boy, I didn't run up / down." then i will give him a big kiss and hug to praise him. So, i am not too worried about stairs with my son.

you can buy some slip-proof stripes to stick to the edge of each stair to make the staircase safer.

a 2.5-yr-old is a big boy / girl, and he / she needs our trust on him/her.

hope it helps.
Try baby safet`y/stair gates from Bumps to Babes or Eugene Club..I keep them everywhere in our place since we have a very active 20 month old!
Thanks! We finally signed the lease and have to seriously think about the childproof issue. Where can I get the slip-proof mat that I can stick on each stair?
Not sure about the mats, but one thing to consider is that for gates at the top of the stairs it is safest to have the kind that are mounted into the wall, vs. the pressure gates. We had an incident, visiting someone, where our one year old pushed on the pressure gate and pushed it over and fell, luckily my husband was on the stairs so he only fell 3 or 4 stairs and wasn't hurt, and they were carpeted.
CherA, I think you can get the tape (it is not a mat) easily from Japan Home / Pricerite / even IKEA (maybe).

below is the one i am talking abt, unfortunately no English version, but you can see how it looks like.

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Thank you so much Little Monster! That looks just like what we're looking for. We'll definitely go check out Japan Home. :thanks
you are welcome. but u definitely need to put gates at both ends of the staircase when your second one start to explore by crawling around.