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my son is 14 months old and properly walking and I'd like to switch him from his Bobux (soft leather) shoes to proper shoes as I'm told he needs shoes with proper support. I haven't a clue what's appropriate (any specific brand?) so would appreciate some advice/guidelines and also where to get them in HK!

Thanks alot!!
Sogo also has a clarks - which also measures feet, if that is easier for you but foot stop is much better
I've been looking around for children's shoes and finally tried Footstop in Central as recommended by some parents here and have to admit that their fitting service is great. The sales assistant is really professional. What she did was she measured my child?s feet first and then took out some 5 or 6 pairs of shoes for her to try on. It turned out that my child needs a bigger size than the measured size. She tried on some 9 or 10 pairs before finding a pair that fits (they only recommend a pair that fits) and the whole process took about an hour.

When she was doing the fitting, she explained to me why this pair didn't fit and why that pair wouldn't be recommended after my child had tried them on. There was this one pair which was not wide enough and my child?s baby toes bulged on the shoes. Another pair offered little room for her feet to grow. Then one pair was too flat for her high insteps. Another pair needed extra holes on the straps for a correct fit?etc. There were finally 2 pairs that we liked and we were a bit undecided about which pair to buy. Instead of asking us to buy both, the shop assistant suggested us buying one pair first and she would hold the other pair for us for 2 days. I ended up buying both for $580 (with 50% discount for sales items) which I think is a good deal. The start rite shoes are expensive but they're nice (leather upper, natural fibre lining, made in England, fits well with allowance for growing feet). Anybody tried Dr. Kong's. How?s their service? Some months ago, I visited Dr. Shoes in Festival Walk but their shoes were equally expensive (mostly over $500 with very few discount items). Besides, the sales assistant there was very snobbish and she kept correcting me and boasted how professional their advice was, that they were about the only shoe company in the world that received thank you letters from their customers. I just looked around and decided not to shop there.
I went there today after reading this thread and they are fantastic. So nice and helpful. My baby's foot got measured. We tried some soft ones on and decided she really didnt need any shoes just yet. I will definately be back in a few months.
I went there too a few days ago after reading this thread but the shoes are quite expensive (HK 300 -500). The discounted ones (30-40% off) dont have my daughter's size 4.5F ;(

I have to agree that the service is excellent and they do sell lots of beautiful hair clips at a pair for HK20-HK30.. going back again soon to get different colours of the clip to doll up my babe!

One of my friend just been Europe and bought a pair of ELK baby shoes. The color is so fancy and the quality is very good. I visit their website and find the design also like Robeez or Bobux or Weestep. Anyone try this before, do you have any comment.

The website is
I don't think you can get a good fit on a website as you need to check the fit with the shoe on you child. Even at Footstop, after measuring my son's feet, some of the shoes they think should fit are unsuitable. Footstop is very expensive, but I console myself that feet are for life and poorly-fitted shoes can cause permanent damage. We tried to be clever and buy a pair of sandels one size in the winter (when we were in the UK) but of course they didn't fit properly and so then money is wasted.
Shoes or No shoes??

Hi moms,

When do babies have to start wearing shoes?? I have bought some adidas baby sneakers for my baby for fun before.

But now, he can stand and wants to start walking holding on to something. I have read somewhere it is better to let the babies learn to walk bare feet. But my mom said I should buy him shoes with more protection on his ankles and she said I learned walking in nice baby boots.

Anyone has recommendations?? Thanks!!
The soft leather shoes make good first shoes.


1. Flexible and allow free movement.

2. Flat with no heel elevation.

3. Tractive, having a sole friction similar to the bare foot of a child, like soft leather.

4. Lightweight and high enough to secure the shoe to the foot.

We got our first pair when D was around 6 months. He started walking at 11 months, and once he'd gotten the hang of it we switched to start-rite shoes which have better support.
We used robeez until my toddler could walk then bought a pair of stride-rites for outdoor use. The idiea of supporting the ankles and wearing boots is very oldfashioned, but that is what used to be recommended.
Hi, this may sound stupid but justing wondering how often do you buy new shoes for your baby if they need to be fitted? could they be slightly bigger to allow growth in the next few months?