Expecting no. 2


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Hi ladies

I'm expecting no. 2 and when he's born later this year (if all goes well!) No. 1 will be nearly 2 years old. Number 1 is really quite attached to me (my helper is great with him though) and DH and I think it's time to start preparing him for a rival for his attentions! Does anyone know any good books to read? Does anyone have any tips to share?

In particular, we live in a small, 2 bedroom flat and so tips on coping with 2 young 'uns in a small space would be much appreciated! I thought that No.2 would sleep with us until he was maybe 6 months old when they could share a room. Someone said that one can set up baby's cot in the room to teach No. 1 that he can't touch the cot or throw things into it, etc..

(P.S. I really wanted a girl, but at least this way, I can re-use all No. 1's clothes without feeling guilty! :-):thanks

Thanks in advance for all your shared wisdom!