Escaping from swaddle - anyone tried the Peke Moe?


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My 5 month old regularly escapes from her swaddle and wakes herself (and us) up several times a night. She's been swaddled from birth so she's used to it and won't settle to sleep without the swaddle. Tried leaving her unswaddled once she wriggles free, but she will either flail her arms or scratch herself and wake up pretty quickly. Once she's awake, she wants to babble and squeal regardless of time of night! I read that the Peke Moe is aimed exactly for this type of problem. Any suggestions?
You might also want to try a one arm swaddle. Once our son was predictably able to get out of the full swaddle, we graduated him to one arm only (by then his legs were usually out as well). A little over a month later we stopped swaddling entirely and he now just sleeps in his grobag.
thanks everyone. Zyxwv, we tried the one-arm swaddle but it didn't work. She wriggled completely free within minutes. Will try a couple more things to see what works
my son was a little houdini but had a hard time escaping the miracle blanket from mothercare. he was wrapped so tight it was like a straight jacket.
its worth a try if you haven't tried it already.
other friends suggest using a cot sheet or something of similar size. as they get older if can be harder and harder to keep them wrapped.
i think 5 mth olds are too old to be swaddled. i swaddled both my babies when they were newborn, half swaddle them (under their arms) 2-3 mths & put them in grobags (or sleeping bags) from 4 mths. starting from 3 mths or so, i notice they kick a lot & like to free their arms. i also use a sleep positioner to avoid them from moving around & waking themselves up. Hope this is helpful!
yes I agree, I don't actually want to swaddle my baby tighter, I want her to get used to sleeping unswaddled. Only, she isn't used to it and keeps waking up (us too). Either I try the Peke Moe or put up with the sleepless nights, however long it takes.... Grobag may help, but she's still going to scratch her face/head
i stopped swaddling my son at around 4 months. it took quite a few sleepless nights unfortunately. but like you, once he needed to be swaddled that tight in order to remain swaddled i thought it was time to bite the bullet.
i tried one arm unswaddled and that didn't work. what worked for me was actually swaddling more loosely. that way he was actually unswaddled before he went off to sleep and was able then to resettle in the night. it took a around a week from memory.