EEG for Babies


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Has anyone ever done an EEG for your bubs? My gal has got some twitching and the PD has advised that if i'm worried, i can do an EEG for her. He said it's pretty safe with no side effects, just that the procedure itself can be discomfort to a baby, with the gel combed onto the hair/head and sticking on the stuffs. Sometimes the baby needs to be sedated. I dunno, the word "sedated" brings alarm to can there be no side effects of a sedation to a tiny little person (she's 10mths old soon). I'm wondering should i go ahead with it? The PD said, it could be fits, but she didnt lose conscious, just twitching. :(
Oh yes, altho the doc said it's safe, i've heard from some that EEG has got radiation? I dunno. Super worried now.