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I walked past a promotional booth with DVD teaching ABC, phonetics for babies etc and the saleswoman said I should "start early".
That made me start wondering with some many brands of DVDs out there for kids these days, are they really useful, what brands/ types are helpful and at what age do you start using them?
I thought I heard they said children should not watch TV too early etc

Would love to hear any experience of mums out there.
My girl is coming to 8months, so far I am only reading books, eg soft books, books with ABC, 123 and singing songs to her and hardly let her watch TV.

I am not in a hurry to "overload" her but will like to let her learn more if appropriate, cheers
i also let her watch some dvd.. the chinese poems dvd, where there are just cartoon, it's quite nice. she would watch and listen for a few songs,, then she would stop watching. just let her watch as when she is interested and dont force her..
hmm.. actually, i don't think all the dvds or songs will do her any good, but if she is interested,, why not?
she would watch the news and smile when she see the financial secretary.. maybe she finds the look of elderly men.. funny.. but that's alright..
my bb is already watching tv, but i can't control it coz my mil is babysitting her.. i think a bit of tv wont harm, but not to the extend of using the tv as a babysitter..
talking to her, keep talking and telling her what you are doing.. all that.. is the best and natural way.. have fun.
My baby loves the baby Einstein- especially the world animals DVD.. I confess.. I use it when I have guests coming over and I need to cook
i still haven't let my baby watch any tv or dvds yet... i have the luxury of usually daddy coming home after baby's asleep so there's no tv to distract. i keep talking to her and telling her things, reading to her, and training the helper to do the same when i'm not around (and so far so good) and it seems like my baby's responding quite well... but i'm planning to let her listen/watch some chinese poems though since my mandarin is not that great...