Education DVDs for toddlers

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Anyone have any good recommendations for DVDs for kids 1 to 3 years old? Educational ones such as ones that can teach basic math, moral values and/or basic English and Chinese are what I'm looking for.
Baby Genius.
Baby Einstein.
Baby can read.

However, I reckon that nothing beats you reading to your child. You probably won't want him or her to watch too much TV.
I agree. Nothing beats you teaching those things to your children. TV is a passive process, and kids need active learning and interaction.

In fact, there was an article in the SCMP's Education supplement at the weekend about the effects of TV/DVD for under 2's!! As yet, not much is known about it as is a relatively new phenomenon, but what astounded me is that the majority of parents who allow their kids to watch it believe it is educational!!!! Look at the rising problem of teenagers and obesity....what is going to happen iin the future if younger and younger kids are glued to the TV??

Personally, I only used to let my baby watch 15 mins of TV every now and then (probs about 3 times a week), so that I could grab a shower. He's now almost 2 and rarely watches the TV.

I know I initially posted the question, but I read something similar in a couple of magazines about the effects letting your kids sit in front of DVDs and TVs. They DO learn, but they learn to SIT PASSIVE and that's all! It is such a shame in Hong Kong where there are so much wealth and things to do that kids.

I was shocked at the research, there is now conclusive evidence that kids under 2 who "learn" through DVDs will become LESS intelligent, less social, and less confident. I wonder what those videos (eg Baby Einstein) argue?