Due date in Jan 14

Hi Veronica, yup that's quite close!
Have u joined any forum for mums due in jan 2014? I am not able to find any..
Hi I'm due at the end of January! Would love to meet up with other mums -to-be around HK as this is my first baby! We moved here about one year ago from Scotland and living in Happy Valley at moment. Anyone interested in a get together?
first time mom due in January 14 as well! thanks Rani for setting up the setting up this forum.
would love to meet up with new moms due in Jan (Jan-Mar) too :)
i'm also in central.
congrats to all new/second time... moms!
I'm a first time mom due Feb 4th. I'm near Central and would love to get a meet up going soon with anyone that's interested. The more the merrier!
let's setup a meetup together! what do you recommend to do (i'm sure we have lots of ideas hahahh) and what is your availability?
I'm up for meeting for coffee or something around Central if that suits everyone else! I can do Thursday this week or next week can do Thursday or Saturday?
GeoBaby is organizing a coffee morning on Friday August 30th in Central. We'll post details shortly. Please save the date.
Hi Rani, I can't during day time of weekdays, so guess I'll miss it >.<

JoMcK and other mums to be, next thurs (29th) night (after 7pm) or saturday (31st) anytime is good for me. Meeting at central will be good!
We've arranged a coffee morning on August 30th at Annerley in Lan Kwai Fong. There will be a speaker and the topic is "Choosing a Helper" which many first time mums will be considering.

Coffee Morning - Choosing a Helper
17/F Tak Woo House, Wo On Lane,
17-19 D'Aguilar Street,
Central,Hong Kong

Time: 10:00- Noon

Please RSVP at [email protected]

Hope some of you can make it.
I can't make coffee morning next week either unfortunately, hopefully another time!

Next Thursday 29th evening would be good Rani and any other mums to be? Was thinking somewhere like Classified on first floor of New World Tower in Central might be nice for a drink/food whatever people are up for? Or any other suggestions I don't mind?!
Could make it 7.30pm?
I can't make the Friday morning meet up this time either.

JoMcK how about we plan to meet on the 29th. Anytime after 7:00 works for me and of course, if others can join, come on down!
Great 29th sounds good, shall we say 7.30pm at Classified in New World Tower or do you want to make it closer to 7 if you're in town for work? I'm off that day so flexible!
Anyone interested in afternoon time.. May be lunch or coffee.. I cannot do evenings as I am busy with my first baby at that time..