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Hi everyone

We're moving to HK with two kids under 3yo in few months. I wanted to ask how difficult would it be for me to use my double buggy and if it's very difficult in general to get out and about with two little ones? Would I be able to get bus, train, metro or is it a no no for one person?

Many thanks
A double stroller is a real pest if you live on Hong Kong side. The footpaths are ridiculously narrow, and tend to not be flat (as it is mountainous). We have a bugaboo bee and more recently the city jogger (city select double). We also had a graco ultra light weight but my daughter HATED how rough the ride was so even though it only weighed <3kg and I could lift it on and off steps ect it had to go....

For 2 children, better to go with a bjorn and umbrella stroller (better as I have said but my daughter wont accept the ride) or bugaboo bee (but this is much heavier and a bit more inconvenient). For walking about on the streets this works best for 1 person. I seldom take public transport so am not sure how it would work, but for walking it seems to work pretty well.

The double stroller is downright dangerous when out walking on narrow pathways. It's heavy, has inertia ++++, and the last time I took it out, it tried to tip itself on the side onto the road with buses, taxis and the like zooming down. Will never do this again. EVER AGAIN. Felt terrible for putting my children at risk and for not being physically strong enough when my husband is not here to wheel my children out for 1 hour walks. Within malls the double stroller works really well. Within car parks, not so well. try to park strategically, so you don't have to weave between too many cars as the car parks are tight here, and most of the time you will have to do one big massive loop to get to the elevators. Forget about the bugaboo Donkey, this will not work in HK as beautiful as it is.
BTW if you are from the UK or states get your children's stuff there and ship here, much, much cheaper, stroller included.
I agree with Mummymoo, I wouldn't bother with a double stroller as it will be too hard in HK. I use an Ergo baby carrier and put my other child in the stroller. You could also look at attaching one of the buggy boards to your stroller they are good too.
In terms of catching transport I always use taxis as they aren't expensive and so much easier when you have small children. Public transport is great here but then it can be a hassle when you have a stroller and small children on your own and why put yourself through so much stress when there are taxis everywhere and they are so cheap.
It really depends A LOT on where you plan to live and your lifestyle. I see lots of double strollers in Stanley and they works well for taking walks, trips to beach and playground, etc.
In "downtown" areas like Central, TST, Causeway Bay etc it would be very difficult to use a double. And no way you can get a double on buses. On MTR (metro here), it depends on which station you getting on/off (some stations have lifts and wide gates but some only have stairs and narrow gates) and time of the day (rush hour is super packed).
Hey Bonita,
I've been debating on the double buggy too, but still not sure if we should just keep on what we are doing...using 2 strollers or carrier with one stroller. Double buggies are heavy and cumbersome, but sometimes it seems more convenient if you're out for the day like to Disney or something. Let me know if you end up with the Joovy. The ultralight caboose is light for a double, but it's still pretty heavy with both kids and I talked to someone who has one and it's great for shopping and stuff, but too heavy for getting on and off buses, etc.
I have the city jogger double stroller and love it! It fits through most doors, is relatively light, folds easily and is very maneuverable. That being said, I only use it in Tung Chung (where we live) or if we're going to Disney. Otherwise we put both kids in baby carriers (Beco baby & Boba) if we're going to Central or Kowloon. I personally wouldn't attempt a double stroller in the city.
Hi everyone

Thank you so much for all your comments. it's been very helpful.
We still don't know whene are we going to live, but from the sound of it my double buggy is a no no.

erina320 don't you mind if I ask what is Tung Chung like to live with two little ones? It's one of the places we are looking into at the moment and I'd love to hear your opinion.
Any other opinions re family friendly plases to live are also very welcome.

Many thanks.
We love Tung Chung! It is very family friendly with lots of playgrounds (inside & out), swimming pools, playgroups, library, hiking trails and plenty of green space. Plus, they're building a hospital here so once it's complete it will be very convienent. It is easy to walk around as there are covered sidewalks nearly everywhere and the ground is level (no big hills to push strollers up). Draw backs, no International primary school for when the kiddo's grow up, they'll end up in Tsing Yi or DB, and lacks a variety of shops anywhere from good childrens shops like Mothercare and toys-r-us to general supplies like crafts supplies and housewares... but again we love it here.