Dr VK Sugunan at Children818


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Wonder if anyone had experience with him? He was recommended to us as a pediatrician which had much experience in skin issues. Any advice/comment is appreciated. Thank you.
My daughter has eczema and we see him. Initially I was going to see Dr Alfred Tam at his clinic but the head nurse there talked me into seeing Dr Sugunan instead. I was initially a bit hesitant but went ahead anyway. I am glad I did as I find Dr Sugunan knows a lot more than other paed I've seen on child's skin issues.

On our first consultation, he explained how, why, what eczema is to me for at least 20mins. Took a lot of photos as my daughter had a bad breakout then. He taught me how to make "home made moisturizer" using emulsifying ointment. My daughter's skin is much better now but it wasn't really him that brought it under control as my daughter is allergic to some ingredient in the product. However, he (partially) educated me on what I need to know and do in order to control and fight the eczema battle.

He is patience and I never feel rushed whenever I have questions. I love the nurses in his clinic too.
Just thought to update. I've seen Dr Sugunan this week. He's very caring and patient really. After seeing him, my baby's skin condition seems to worsen, I just emailed him a pic of it and he got his nurse to reply me and prescribe me some cream the next day!
Not sure if your baby have eczema too and I wonder if Dr Sugunan taught you how to use emulsifying ointment to moisturize... The one his clinic uses contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which my daughter's skin reacts to. We use California Baby and Burts Bee instead. We also use Repcillin (check out amazon for reviews) as it is more oily and works better especially when there is a breakout.
Hi InkMink1,

I am interested in making a home made moisturizer with emulsifying ointment for my baby with ezcema. Would you mind sharing the recipe with me? Thank you ^_^