Crawling everywhere in Playgroup

OX Jess

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Hi, my son is turning one next week and he is attending an one-hour playgroup every Sat. He is not walking yet but crawling real fast, non-stop, especially on a softie mat. Before he is so much 'mobile' I could easily manage him in the playgroup by sitting him down to pay attention to the playgroup instructor or do some activities as instructed. But now is a headache: he always crawls here and there. For example, there's a moment in the playgroup when babies are sitting in a circle to sing / move their limbs; but it's impossible for me to get him sit probably or he will just arch his back and cry wanting to crawl away and play. I normally just let him crawl as much as he wants and play with the toys lying on the floor, as I don't think I should 'force' him to sit and listen. But then on the other hand I think, should I start teaching him to pay attention to something, as he is turning one next week?!? And, if I just let him crawl everywhere as he wishes, what's the point for me to take him to a playgroup? I can just simply let him play at home?!?

Any advice from parents, especially those who has experience in playgroups?!?
I started my son in a playgroup when he was about 14 months. He could already walk by then, and was quite active. In his playgroup also there are a couple of circle times when all the babies have to sing songs, listen to a story, etc. We've been going now for about 3 months and it wasn't until recently when my son actually started to cooperate. I was pretty embarrassed at first because it seemed like all the others were mostly complying, except for my wild one.
I basically just restrained him. Anyway, they are not allowed to crawl/run around free and must participate at those times. I still have to restrain him sometimes, and sometimes I let him just run around me (I hold his hand) but he's not allowed to go away from us. He's getting it more and more and is participating and anticipating more and more. It's good for them, I think, to learn about self control. Now he LOVES his playgroup.